Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Throughout this course I have been exposed to many different learning styles.  In week one, my learning style was a combination of many different ones all wrapped together.  I believed that learning is an active process in which information is built upon prior knowledge, as did Bruner. I also believe that all child learn at their own rate, when they are developmentally ready, (Piaget) with their very own learning style that works best for them, (Gardner), (Duffy & McDonald, 2008).   Now, my theory has changed somewhat.  Although I believe what I had in week one, I also think social learning is important as well.  I believe that technology needs to be used to meet the many needs of each student.  By using technology as a learning tool rather than a teaching tool, students will gain more. 

As a result of this new knowledge, I plan on using technology more as a learning tool rather than a teaching tool.  Although I used my SmartBoard daily, I could be making better use of it.  Through the creation of Power Point presentations that use images rather than words, students can better make connections to prior knowledge and recall information easier.  Students would be actively learning this way rather than passively reading.  I would also like to use the SmartBoard to have students construct and manipulate concept maps as they learn new information.  This will also allow for better recall.

I would like to use interactive technology on a more daily basis.  I plan on using more blogging in my teaching.  Many of my classroom parents are very supportive and I regularly give homework that requires the computer, so much of this can take place outside the classroom.  Blogging will require my students to use higher level thinking skills and learn to be digital communicators.  I also like the idea of using more web quests.  This supports the use of technology as well as social learning.  Both of which are very important in today's global society. This is going to require extra time in the computer lab which I will need to adjust for. 

I look forward to implementing these new technologies into my teaching and my students' learning.  I am anxious to see the results of its use.


Lever-Duffy, J. & McDonald, J. (2008). Teaching and learning with technology (3rd ed. pp. 2–35). Boston: Pearson.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Voice thread

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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Here is the link to my Voice Thread. I was becoming very frustrated with my power point and how it was uploading to the Voice Thread site. No matter what I did, the words were wrapping and some slides looked like a big blue box! Very strange! Hope you enjoy it!