Sunday, August 22, 2010


Looking back over the past eight weeks, I am amazed with the wealth of information I have gained. More so than any other class I think. When I review my GAME plan, I have seen growth and learning. I have set many goals for myself both in my professional and personal lives, but get "lost" when it comes to full filling them. By using the GAME plan, ir will allow my students and me to be self directed learners, by following the four steps, (Cennamo, Ross & Ertmer, 2009). I have implemeted many parts of my GAME plan, but need the beginning of school in order to continue on. I am anxious to do this and to come up with another goal to reach from the NET-T standards.

I think this is very beneficial to the students as well. They need the skills of being a self directed learner in order to be successful in the real world. By teaching them the GAME plan,they can apply what they learn now later. This can be done through the use of Problem Bassed Learning. Dr. Ertmer notes that this type of learning has many benefits beyond self directed learning. They are learning to work with others, use of a broad range of skills and objectives/content, knowledge tranfer, and authentic learning experiences. I have learned that I do not do enough of this type of learning in my classroom. I have some road blocks in the way that are set inplace by my district, but I am going to talkto "the powers that be" and see what I can do to convince them otherwise. This type of learning is so beneficial to students that I cannot see how they can turn me away!

I would love to use more technology in my classroom and this course was able to help me determine the best way to do this. It is sometimes frustrating watching the videos with the classrooms filled witha laptop for each students and technology everywhere. I do not think this is typical of schools around the counttry. I wish I had such luxeroes but I do not. I have a computer lab for 500+ students to share. I am hoping to bring some of my own technology into my classroom by using my ipod and projection chart. Simply things as cameras are also a good small way to start. I have thought about asking parents to donate old digital cameras to the class. IT seems as if people are upgrading cameras often and may be willing to donate their old ones. It is worth a shot. I am also going to sign up for that lab as often as possible so that I can incorporate technology as much as possible. This is a mini GAME plan I have created to do as much as I can to ue technology witht he little that I have to work with. I see the importance of it for learning and living.


Friday, August 13, 2010

Using the GAME plan with students

Going throught the NET-T standards has helped me to better reach my students through the integration of technology. By incorporating the GAME plan into this, I was able to set goals and monitor my reaching them. In many cases goals are set for both teachers and students with no clear direction on how to get there. In the end no goals, or few, are met. By making a plan, I held myself accountable.

To help my students, I will create a survey through the use of Sentios. The students will answer questions related to the NET-S standards and indicators. By using the Sentios, the data is automatically organized so I can also see what areas ALL students need help in and those can be made into class goals. Based on the results of each student,they can set individual goals. I will also introduce them to the GAME plan so that they are provided with a workable way to meet those goals. At the beginning of each computer class,(we meet once a week inthe lab), they can use the first 15 minutes to work toward the goals. If they finish other assignments early they can continue on those goals as well. After each goal is reached, the students can revisit the survey results to chose another goal.

I think this is a great skill for students through life. As they enter high school, college and the real world, students will need a plan to reach goals. I never had a foundation for meeting goals, and always let things slide. I can see how this would be a life long skill. I also believe the students will be able to see how this will help them.


Sunday, August 8, 2010

Revising My GAME Plan

After several weeks of working toward my GAME plan, I have come to a stand still. I cannot go any farther without school beginning. I will not know if the resources I have found will be useful until I am able to implement them. With school starting in several weeks I will be able to go forward with my plan at that time.

What have I learned so far that I can apply in my instructional practice? I have learned that by spending the time at the beginning of the year to teach digital citizenship, I will be saving time in the future. Sometimes it takes time to save time. This is sometimes hard for people to understand. I am trying to help my adminitration understand this. There is a typing program I would like to do with my students but it needs to be done daily for 6-8 weeks. My principal thinks this will interfer with the time I need to teach core classes. By having the students able to type, it will save time with on-line projects, word processing, and other projects that require technology. I also have taken my parent/student communication tool as far as I can until school starts. Only once I see what is working or what suggestions parents and students have for ma to add to the clas blog, can I evaluate and determine what revisions are necessary.

Since I am not ready for a new learning goal, how will I extend my learning? I would like to extend my learning by finding some professional development courses that I could attend. In addition, I would also like to extend my learning to others. I would like to host a workshop for my colleagues on Digital Citizenship and encourage them to take the time to teach it. I have many colleagues who are reluctant to use technology and this may help them to find comfort in allowing students to become 21st century learners. I have conducted a brief workshop on blogging and several teachers joined the ranks with the blogging crowd. I found blogging was easier thatn keeping a web page. I would like to offer this workshop again to again, help teachers see that technology does not need to be frieghting, but can be very helpful!

I think by setting these GOALs for myself I will become a better teacher providing more for my students. Once I have evaluated and met my GOALs, I will set a new goal to accomplish. By doing this I will always be in the loop of the new and up coming technology.