Sunday, October 31, 2010


As the 8 weeks draw to an end, I am amazed at all I have learned and accomplished. I love the network that was created with my Differentiated Work station group. We worked well together and the ideas that my colleagues provided were so helpful. I have visited and saved many of the links that were posted and have used some in my learning and teaching. I try to encorporate some form of technology in each subject that I teach. It is a great way to differentiate and meet the needs of all the learners in my room, while having them reach all the same objectived and goals.

This class has shown me that it is possible to use technology, even when there is not a great deal of technology to be found in a school. I have a smartboard in my room, and 2 very old and ancient computers. I was frustrated when I eould try to use them but now I know that I can make this work, if I go about it the right way. The web has many ideas to help me use UDL and DI. The kids do not always need to use computer to have differentiation.

I am going to use the vast amount of resources that are available to me onthe web, especially the UDL website, as well as the links my colleagues provided to meet the needs of my class. I have begun using interest surveys and independent learning projects in my class already. I am amazed at what the students can do! I am excited to continue to try new things at a slow and steady pace!