Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Monitoring the GAME Plan

As I carry out my GAME plan, I am quickly realizing that I have come to a stand still on one of my Goals. I cannot do too much with my Goal for parent and student communication. With it being summer break and class list not ditributed, I cannot do many things on my Blog. I cannot upload names, birthday, etc. I also need to see which students are allowed to have their names and pictures published, some parents will not allow this. Rules cannot be added because I allow the students to create their own classroom rules so they have ownership of them. Homework cannot be added for there is none yet. The only thing I can add to this now is sites for the students to visit once school starts, and field trip that are planned thus for. I will add a calendar with some important dates from the school claendar to the site as well. This Game plan is hard to continue because of the lack of information and the time of year.

As for the second GAME plan, I am still creating the lessons I would like to use to teach digital citizenship. I have found many great sites that have lessons on this, and it is a matter of sorting through the information. One problem I am running into is not having the technology I need to do this. I cannot create Smart Board lessons from home or Sentois quizes. This is a road block for me, again due to the time of year. I cannot create the activities when the technology is not available to me.

I have learned that there are so many resources on Digital Citizenship and sometime that is a bad thing. You can become very overwhelmed if you search too much. Learning to stop when you think you have found what you are looking for could be a good thing. In addtion, I have learned that my district is so far behind. We would like to think we are creating 21 century digital citizens but we are not. We do not do enough with technology. I want to be a ground breaker to encourage more teachers to do all they can. I watch the videos and see the classrooms with a computer for every student. Is this really realistic? I wish the videos would be more directed to the average school where this is not the case; teaching us how to over come the obsticles of lack of technology but still be successful in creating digital citizens.



  1. Laura,
    I feel the same way concerning meeting my goals - it is impossible to collaborate with students when we are on summer break. I dont know what subject you teach but I found an amazing tool called Students can create many different types of artifacts and can have some choice over their learning. My district also has some lofty goals concerning the use of technology in the classroom. I feel like I am the only teacher in my school using technology properly yet I have the least amount of technology in my classroom. I hope your goals of becoming a "groundbreaker" at your school succeed but with this economy it seems that less money is available for everything including technology. Good Luck

  2. Laura,
    The site is actually at: sorry for the mistake.