Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Evaluating the GAME Plan

As I look at what I am doing toward reaching my goals, I am chugging along. I have a good understanding of the content and the direction I am headed. I have found some resources that have proved to be valuable to me. I have been in contact with my district's tech department and have run ideas past them. They are supportive of my choice to conduct a unit on Digital Citizenship and have decided to use my class as a test group. If the unit goes well then it will be used district wide. This is exciting for me, but does add some added pressure as well.

I am excited to also use my Blog as a major form of contact with my class, both poarents andd students. This will allow for a "no excuses" approach in my class. Everything they need will be right there for them. Only time will tell if my GSAME plan has worked. I will need to re-evaluate again in September and October to see what changes need to be made.


  1. Laura,
    Sounds like an exciting unit and it is nice that you have some support from your district office. I find that students who do not have technology at home are often the ones who are off task, distracted, and need parent contact. The more technology at home they have it seems they adjust easier to the technology used in class and are engaged. Do all of your students have access to same amount of technology from home?

  2. Yes My students all have access to technology at home. I did a survey at the beginnning of last year with my class and plan on doing it again with them this year to determine who has access to what technology.


    This is a great website that I found in a portal in my school email. It list great lessons by grade level and it gives the NETS-S standards for each lesson. There are some good lessons on digital citizenship as well.