Sunday, August 8, 2010

Revising My GAME Plan

After several weeks of working toward my GAME plan, I have come to a stand still. I cannot go any farther without school beginning. I will not know if the resources I have found will be useful until I am able to implement them. With school starting in several weeks I will be able to go forward with my plan at that time.

What have I learned so far that I can apply in my instructional practice? I have learned that by spending the time at the beginning of the year to teach digital citizenship, I will be saving time in the future. Sometimes it takes time to save time. This is sometimes hard for people to understand. I am trying to help my adminitration understand this. There is a typing program I would like to do with my students but it needs to be done daily for 6-8 weeks. My principal thinks this will interfer with the time I need to teach core classes. By having the students able to type, it will save time with on-line projects, word processing, and other projects that require technology. I also have taken my parent/student communication tool as far as I can until school starts. Only once I see what is working or what suggestions parents and students have for ma to add to the clas blog, can I evaluate and determine what revisions are necessary.

Since I am not ready for a new learning goal, how will I extend my learning? I would like to extend my learning by finding some professional development courses that I could attend. In addition, I would also like to extend my learning to others. I would like to host a workshop for my colleagues on Digital Citizenship and encourage them to take the time to teach it. I have many colleagues who are reluctant to use technology and this may help them to find comfort in allowing students to become 21st century learners. I have conducted a brief workshop on blogging and several teachers joined the ranks with the blogging crowd. I found blogging was easier thatn keeping a web page. I would like to offer this workshop again to again, help teachers see that technology does not need to be frieghting, but can be very helpful!

I think by setting these GOALs for myself I will become a better teacher providing more for my students. Once I have evaluated and met my GOALs, I will set a new goal to accomplish. By doing this I will always be in the loop of the new and up coming technology.

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